Variety Central: Rose & Perennial Review

Variety Central: Rose & Perennial Review

The small, chocolate chip-colored foliage of ajuga ‘Chocolate Chip’ from STEPABLES forms a carpet on the ground, with blue flower spikes blooming in spring and autumn. Hardy to Zones 3 to 9.

Sakata Seed America’s Harmony anemones produce extra large, long-lasting, bold color blooms (Scarlet, Blue, Pearl, Orchid and White) on a dwarf plant with lacy foliage.

Benary’s ‘Morning Star Deep Rose’ is a FastraX perennial for the pot or garden. A compact, 6-inch habit and a multitude of rose pink flowers make this a spring must-have. Hardy to USDA Zones 4 to 8.

Galaxy bellis from Sakata Seed America features semi-double flowers in Red, Rose and White with a bold yellow center. Excellent companion selection for pansies, flowering cabbage and kale.

Festival Grass cordyline from Anthony Tesselaar Plants is the only cascading, basal-branching cordyline available. Its glossy, dark strap-like leaves are a distinct mahogany, complemented with small, fragrant lilac flowers that bloom in early summer.

‘Sunbeam’ coreopsis from Walters Gardens, Inc. is a sport of ‘Moonbeam’ with abundant golden yellow flowers that appear atop compact mounds of deep grey-green, threadleaf foliage. It blooms just as long as ‘Moonbeam’, but offers a fine alternative.

Garden Splendor’s coreopsis ‘Pinwheel’ offers soft yellow, pinwheel-shaped flowers that accent bluish-green foliage from summer through fall. Reaching 24 inches tall by 36 inches wide, it is excellent in mixed borders, as a groundcover and in containers.

‘Something Magic’ is the first ever hardy cyclamen from tissue culture, available from Terra Nova Nurseries. Each dainty leaf sports a miniature Christmas tree with a silver halo and is topped by large, rose-pink flowers in February and March. Hardy to Zones 5 to 9.

‘Coconut Lime’ echinacea from AB-Cultivars is the first ever double white echinacea. With a stout, sturdy habit and numerous white, fully double, pompon like flowers, the center of each bloom begins leaf green and changes with age. Hardy to Zones 5 to 9.

‘Purity’ from Terra Nova Nurseries is the new gold standard for echinacea flower and form. It produces pristine white flowers with bright orange cones. Hardy to Zones 4 to 9.

‘Frenzy,’ part of the new Commotion series of gaillardia from Novalis, offers a high petal count for a semi-double appearance. Frenzy offers red and burgundy tones, with hints of yellow and orange. Hardy to Zone 5.

A new addition to the Belleza gaura series from Selecta First Class is ‘Belleza White evol.’ It has large, long-lasting white flowers, well-branching habit, medium vigor and short flower stems.

‘Mango Lassi’ geum from Garden Splendor has lovely, semi-double blooms in delicate shades of soft orange and mango with apricot veining. Excellent for mixed borders or cottage gardens.

Luna hibiscus plants from Ball Seed are full and bushy, with many large, 6- to 8-inch flowers. ‘Luna Rose’ is a great new addition to the series, with clear, deep rose flowers. Hardy to Zone 5.

‘Singing In The Rain’ hosta from Walters Gardens has thick, blue-green leaves with a narrow, chartreuse margin that brightens to gold. Lavender flowers are produced atop 40-inch scapes
in midsummer.

‘Platt’s Black’ leptinella from STEPABLES has bronze-black, fern-like foliage that creeps to form a soft, fuzzy mat. Small yellow flowers bloom in spring.

Ophiopogon japonicus ‘Pamela Harper’ from Blooming Nursery has grass-like foliage with light gold and green-striped variegation in spring that changes to cream and green by summer when light lavender flowers appear. Hardy to Zone 7.

‘Flower Carpet Pink Supreme’ roses from Anthony Tesselaar Plants are disease-resistant, easy-care maintenance groundcover roses with rich pink, double flowers that bloom with up to 60 blossoms per cluster above glossy, dark green foliage.

‘Super Hero,’ Easy Elegance, from Bailey Nurseries, offers clusters of gorgeous blooms all reason long. Red blossoms stand out against dark green foliage. It is a compact, disease-resistant shrub rose.

Novalis offers ‘Pink Double Knockout’ rose, a popular landscape rose with excellent disease resistance and an abundance of double, hot-pink flowers. Reaching 4 feet tall and wide, it is hardy to Zones 4 to 9.

‘Adora Blue,’ a FastraX perennial from Benary, provides deep, violet blue flower petals that unfold on upright flower spikes. A dense, branching habit and multiple flower stems give a show of color May through June. Hardy to Zones 4 to 8.

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